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posted Feb 25th 2009 12:49pm by
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600福利合集 with 1.2ghz cpu, with 512mb of ram and 512mb of of flash memory. it comes with versions of linux, ported for its arm processor. at $50, this cool system could be finding itself in a lot of homes. you can get from the manufacturer. what uses can you think of for it?

[thanks, everyone who sent this in]

posted Nov 29th 2010 3:30pm by
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600福利合集this drill press was built to . [rhys goodwin] didn’t want to shell out for new equipment, so he dug through his scraps to see what he could accomplish. he already had the power drill, and there was no shortage of wood and fasteners. once he had a mounting platform for the power tool he grabbed a pair of slides from and old rack-mount server rail. this provides smooth and precise movement, along with a tension sprint to keep the rig elevated above the work surface. turns out the only thing he didn’t already have was the mini-chuck for gripping the 0.8 mm drill bit.

600福利合集it seems as if [rhys] is hacking up a storm lately. this drill press is for use with from two weeks ago. we also covered his bulk component salvaging system in .

posted Jul 13th 2011 2:01pm by
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like all of us, [jonathan guberman] has a list of projects and builds that ‘will get done when i have time.’ his robot is no exception. it’s intended to be one piece of a much larger project, but he decided to document it anyway (we think in the hope of getting is rear in gear).

the robot uses a to get around. a holonomic drive uses three fixed wheels placed 120 degrees apart. the wheels can betingindependentlytingcontrolled and with some vector addition the robot can move in any direction and rotate 360lu inside its own wheelbase. of course the wheels will have to be able to roll in two dimensions, so an is used. everything is controlled with a wiimote nunchuck, and the movement is very smooth.

[Jonathan] has had a few projects featured on Hack A Day before, like his and his adorable600福利合集 . [Jonathan] really demonstrates his artistry and skill in his project, so we’re really wondering what his ‘larger project’ actually is. Take a guess in the comments section, that might get [Jonathan]‘s rear in gear.

600福利合集check out the video of the omnidirectional robot after the break.

posted Sep 19th 2009 4:00pm by
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We’d like to spend some time talking about documenting your project and sharing it with the world. For many, the goal is to become an Internet sensation, hopefully for the right reasons. Taking a bit more time to make certain you do a great job of sharing your information will pay off. Here at we focus on technological wonders but these guidelines should work well at improving the desirability of anything you might want to share on the interweb.



yes, you need to have a picture to go with your project. even if you did something that can’t be captured on camera you must have a photo. an example of this is the main photo for our recent . it’s just a udev logo with some words but it immediately shows what the article is about.

600福利合集this is doubly important for concept illustrations, flow control charts, schematics, assembly diagrams, etc. visual materials complement your writeup. they also encourage readers to spend more time looking at your project, once again increasing the chance that they’ll share this with others.

multiple pictures are a huge plus, even if some of them are just links to photo sharing sites. there are many examples of pointing to more. having several eye-catching shot options to choose from increases the chance that someone will blog about your project. think of the extra photos as your .



600福利合集have you just completed something that is cool for everyone to look at but the gory details require specialized background knowledge? make sure you include a layman’s description of what you set out to do and what was accomplished. but don’t make the mistake of dumbing everything down, many readers are looking for things they can learn from and adapt into their own projects. strike a nice balance that includes a general overview at the beginning, details in the middle, and a conclusion that gives a broad overview of your accomplishments.



Hoping that everyone you know will head to your site and then tell your friends about it? Why not be more active? You can ; most popular sites have some way of doing this. If you’ve asked questions on your favorite forum throughout the project, make sure you post an update to all of those threads with a link to the finished project page. We always want to see the fruits of one’s labor so we subscribe to threads that look interesting. This added step will bring the kind of traffic you want: the admirers who wish they600福利合集had pulled off the feat that you completed.



often called the digg effect or the , having your site go down because of traffic is a bad thing. if you want everyone in the world to take a look at your project, make sure you have chosen a host that can handle the traffic. clicking through to a dead link will turn readers away (obviously). if you’re hosting on your home server, keep the link to yourself and your closest friends.



Did you find a way to make your project better? Make sure to post a follow-up, then link it at the bottom of the original post and vice-versa. A great example of this is , which had a follow-up. The original project was an interesting one, the follow-up is eye-catching and fun; each builds on the popularity of the other. Once you’ve posted a useful600福利合集 followup, go back to step 3 and promote it!



600福利合集flooding forums or emails that are unrelated to your project is spam. the same goes for leaving links in comments that don’t have any relation to what you accomplished. if you are trying to syphon hits by tricking people into clicking a link then you are cheating. become a sensation for the right reason: because people love your project.


well, there’s only room for so many sensations. but, if you followed our advice you have a quality writeup of your post and we’re certain many people took a look at it. this builds your reputation and increases the chances that your next project could go viral.

posted May 28th 2012 4:01am by
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Over the years bicycle design has changed. Materials were upgraded as technology advanced, and accumulated knowledge helped bicycle builders make improvements along the way. But deep analysis with the intent to make meaningful improvements has not been widely embraced. Reasearchers at UC Davis are looking to expand into this frontier by . This is one of the test bikes they’ve been working on, which is mainly aimed at data harvesting. They’re hoping to find some real improvements based mostly on how the machine can get out of the rider’s way as much as possible. The thought here is that the rider’s body makes up 80-90% of the volume of the vehicle and should be聽accommodated聽in every way possible.

sure, this could be a case of trying to build a better mouse trap. but listening to the discussion in the video after the break really drives home the complex issues of stability and locomotion that go into these seemingly simple vehicles. we’re going to guess the final recommendations will not involveting.

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